Balbharti Wall, S.B.Road

Name of wall : Balbharti Wall, S.B.Road

Name of Artist/s: Abha Bhagwat

No. of participants : 60 students

Painted Length of wall : 370ft

Height : 7.5ft

Total Area : 2775sq ft.

Venue : Balbharti Wall, S.B.Road  

The wall is a collaboration of Pune Speaking Walls and Balbharti. Balbharti, with its vast experience and constant efforts in betterment of education, served as a platform for Pune Speaking Walls to work with children and create a beautiful artwork which signifies both of the institutions vision. The wall is painted by artist Abha Bhagwat who has a vast experience of working with children, she believes that hidden talent in children is yet unexplored.

4 prestigious schools from Pune, namely, Vikhe Patil School, Aksharnandan School, Panditrao Agashe School, Darode School and Door step school, will be a part of this painting experience under the guidance of Abha Bhagwat.

Over the years, Balbharti has created a culture of reading among the children. The ease of language used, the colorful, happy children depicting various cultures, tradition and situations make the learning experience a happy one! It helps children to think intensively and to think critically, creating a lasting impact in the lives. Through this artwork, Abha tries to catch this essence that Balbharti is! She has tried to imbibe the various books, art and stories in her work to create a sense of wonder. It would definitely make one nostalgic!

To create this Artwork, Abha has worked to children from 4 schools. In the first phase, she outlined the artwork. In the second phase, the children under the guidance of Abha will paint on the venue. The activity was repeated and then the composition will be connected together by the artist.

Harshvardhan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist travelling across the country and making large scale artworks. His works have mythology deeply embedded with a contemporary voice which gave birth to a unique style. Inkbrushnme, his studio has handled projects varying from Art Direction for animation and live action films, award winning graphic novels to visuals for international bands. In January 2017, he painted India's largest artwork at the historical Yerwada prison wall in Pune.