Chaan-Daar 1, Yashwant Nagar, Yerwada

‘Chaan-Daar’, a beautiful opening! A metaphorical opening of minds towards beautiful and clean-living environment. ‘Chaan-Daar’ is a place-making initiative taken up by Pune Biennale Foundation for upliftment of public spaces in slums and settlements. This project has been initiated to support the ‘Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan’ with an aim of “Sundarta se Swachta ki oor”. With this project we engage communities to come together, participate in the process of beautification of their settlements along with artists to create better environments. This is an effort to reclaim the underutilised spaces in the settlements and put them to use by communities. This not only brings a change in society along with the clean surroundings but also, a beautiful Smile on the face of the Community!

First of its kind in Pune and implemented successfully in two settlements. Interested in clean city? Please join hands for this cause!  

Why beautification matters? 
Many studies have shown that clean public spaces with a proper seating arrangements are better for communities, as the greenery and public art make people interact and feel relaxed, safe and happier.

Public Art  
Art always enhances public places, and has been a tool for beautification and community development. Looking forward, public art offers communities a possible cost effective way to create lasting enhancement to their public spaces.

Volunteers are the mainstay of the Slum Beautification project. The volunteers can experience hands‐on learning and be a part of life changing project. Drop us an email at to join today!

Yashwant Nagar, Yerwada, CSR Partner Panchshill Foundation
With visual clues taken from traditional and vernacular elements of design, the streets are brought into coherence in this settlement, and facades of entire houses are converted into large canvases.  

Some of the elements include;

Painting of wooden balcony railings,
Deoli- sunken niches in the walls,
Sari borders,
Rangoli patterns and so on.

These elements helped in bringing a level of comfort and confidence amongst the residents and also encouraged their participation.

More than 100 houses on three streets in two clusters.

1. Sujata Dharap
2. Sujata Usalkar
3. Abhinav Kafare
4. Ulhas Kagade
5. Harishchandra Wanjale
6. Maiden Bergara
7. Gaston Zabala
8. Madhavi
9. Ruddhi Vichare
10. Mielene & Team
11. Hari Dada and Azim

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