DP Road Project

As a part of In-City Aesthetic Interventions, Pune Biennale Foundation located artworks, which were created under Sculptures from Junk Project during PB 2017, on the DP road in June 2017. In a common understanding, we are all supposed to reduce, reuse and recycle, but for artists, reuse and recycle often have totally different meaning. Artists have been working to make recycled materials into sculptures, often incorporating mechanical elements. The materials which were used for creating sculptures include waste from city dumps, roadsides, and thrift shops, and have both household and industrial waste. DP Road Project takes on a new meaning when we view the world through the eyes of the artists recreating the environment around us. These talented individuals see possibility in the things we throw away every day. Instead of heading to the art supply store they just collect common trash and turn it into works of an amazing art. By placing selected artworks on the streets of Pune, we are creating an awareness about the recycling possibilities, as well as the new ways to express yourself and make a change in the appearance of the city.

Sculptures installed on the DP Road include Mother and Child, Robo Cop, the Cart, Birds (flamingo) and Flight of birds done by different artists.

Mother and Child work is the juxtaposition of cold steel and rusted iron – reimagined to create a loving, playful moment between a child and her mother. Spinning with joy the perforated shiny steel dresses of the duo sways playfully narrating the dynamic movement.

The age-old joys retold using the industrial waste creates a beautiful irony of the modern life – this is a connecting point for all the selected artworks. It is a celebration of the labor using the byproducts of modern life.

Venue: DP Road, Aundh  

Born on 6th October 1984 in Solapur, Nilesh started painting at an early age of 8. He pursued his Diploma in Fine Arts from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. His early work include realistic and figurative compositions where he made a mark in producing water colour textures and patterns. He worked on socially driven subjects like global warming, terrorism etc. through his art. He also spent few years teaching at Sai College of Art, Pune.

Nilesh painted at numerous public locations across India and abroad. Recently, he painted Kumari in Nepal, Dhanapur Railway Station in Bihar, Metro Station in New Delhi among many other large scale public art works with entities like Start India Foundation and Asian Paints. Nilesh painted the full facade of Danapur Railway Station i.e. 230' X 25' ft wall art in the memory of Indian born genius aka Father of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry- Aryabhata. He painted this mural in his style of comic book illustrations during WALK FOR BIHAR festival.