How You Can Contribute

Pune Biennale Foundation welcomes interest from companies looking to support cultural and social initiatives. The Pune Biennale 2017 offers opportunities for CSR to successful companies, and also gives sponsors a platform from which to speak to an audience of millions - opinion formers, industry leaders and consumers alike.

Become a Partner Rs 40 lakhs

As an institution interested in supporting cultural and social initiatives, you will find Pune Biennale an appropriate partner to work with. As a "partner" of Pune Biennale, you will benefit in many intangible ways but the most direct presence will be as follows:

  • Mention through your logo, as a "partner" on all collaterals of Pune Biennale
  • Prominent display of logo on all branding material
  • Sharing of logo on website, facebook and all social media
  • Display of your banner at every venue of Pune Biennale
  • Note on your involvement in the catalogue, brochure and newsletter
  • Special invitations to all the events of Pune Biennale
  • Certificates to participants and volunteers in the project will carry your logo
  • Felicitation at main events (stage) related to Pune Biennale (inauguration, closing, etc.)
  • Logo on backdrops at main events (stage), talks and programmes
  • Logo on signage and branding at prime locations, both indoors and outdoors
  • Logo on hoardings
  • Logo and acknowledgement on official event marketing campaigns
  • Logo on venue maps
  • Logo on invitations (card and digital) and event advertisements
  • Interview on Radio

Project Sponsorship Rs 10 lakhs

Pune Biennale comprises of several projects each attracting thousands of visitors where they can experience art in unique ways. You may selectively support one or many, and in return you will receive:

  • Project dedicated under your banner
  • Logo on signage & branding at project venue
  • Logo on branding material related to the project
  • Cross publicity with other projects
  • Logo at appropriate place on branding collaterals
  • Logo on venue maps, accreditations and invitations and event advertisements
  • Sharing of logo on website, facebook and all social media
  • Logo on hoardings

Artist Project Support Rs 5 lakhs

Your contributions towards an artist's project costs will make a genuine difference. Your contribution will go directly towards supporting production costs of individual artists including their projects, travel and exhibition space. As an Artist Project Supporter you receive:

  • Acknowledgement on all artwork related promotional material related to the artist's work at the Pune Biennale including catalogues
  • Presence on website and media communications
  • Invitations to special events with artists, curators and sponsors
  • Unlimited priority entry to the Pune Biennale
  • Exclusive rights to the artwork created by the artist

Become a Patron Rs 3 lakhs

A Patron of Pune Biennale Foundation is a level of affiliation open only to a select few, who passionately believe that arts and culture are building blocks of a society and whose sphere of influence can bring about cultural change in our society. Patron's privileges also include:

  • Invitations to special events with artists, curators, and sponsors
  • Acknowledgement in all Pune Biennale catalogues and other communication materials
  • Priority access to PB venues and events
  • The 'Patron of Pune Biennale' card entitles the member, family and friends (up to four people) unlimited priority entry for the duration of the Biennale

Biennale Weekender Rs 5 lakhs

Your contribution towards our Weekender programme will help to cover the running costs of several activities of the Pune Biennale that will take place on the three weekends. In return:

  • Name and logo prominently displayed at the venue
  • Invitation and felicitation on stage with artists and performers
  • Upto 10 special invitees
  • Interaction with artists
  • Credited in catalogue, website and in media announcements

Opportunities for CSR

Successful companies engage with different stakeholders to bring about change in the society and work for societal upliftment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Extending beyond the conventional areas of social, economic and environmental improvements, they can also be involved in activities for betterment of cultural aspects of everyday lives by supporting initiatives related to art and aesthetics. The exact form of CSR engagement shall be worked out mutually.