Inclusive Art (with specially-abled)

In its third edition, Pune Biennale brings forth a very interesting opportunity to experience inclusive art. Take your pick from the multiple ways in which we intend to disseminate this project:

Inclusive Art In Pune | Disabled Artists | Pune Biennale 2017

Workshop with children-

Social media including film has made us aware time and again that if the vocations of differently abled children are channelized appropriately, geniuses will emerge. Pune Biennale 2017 offers a platform for differently abled children, within the age group of 7 - 15 years, to try their hand at art making and explore it as a possible career and life option, in line with the theme "IDENTITY & SELF". The workshop can accommodate maximum 30-40 participants and will be an exciting part of the main events in January 2017.

With help from the Bal Kalyan Sanstha, an extremely accessible venue for this event, we aim to reach maximum number of institutions working with differently abled children, but individual participants can also avail of this event. Under the able guidance of Ruby Jhunjhunwala and her team, the children will engage with different materials and mediums. Our very experienced co-ordinator Kavita Murugkar and a group of approximately ten art teachers will exclusively be at the disposal of this event and the participants.

Along with an immediate experience of art-making, participants of this 3-day/ daylong workshop promises to offer an exciting arena for diverse perspectives, talents, skills, materials, mediums, and above all for people to connect.



Project Director

Inclusive Art In Pune | Disabled Artists | Pune Biennale 2017

Rashmi Tapadia


Bal Kalyan Samstha, Aundh, Pune.


Ar. Rashmi Kapil Tapadia, Project director of Inclusive art participatory project under Pune Biennale 2017, runs a socio-enterprise called Let Art Work Gallery which connects art to common people through art shows (national & international), workshops, and talk shows.

Rashmi has a Foundation which awards scholarships and sponsored shows to young and hidden talented artists. These upcoming awarded works are promoted by the foundation through a unique concept "gift a painting" to promote original art. The Foundation also focuses on creating an art community for its social contribution.

She is a design consultant at Advantage Architecture Pune. And also a scholarship awardee by Goldman Sacks University for completing the 10K WE program with ISB Hyderabad.