Our Projects

Pune Biennale Foundation is glad to present our readers the outcome of the projects we have been working on. The Foundation focuses on providing a new opportunity for artists, designers and architects to create an artistic intervention in Pune. While working on each projects, we want to contribute into the exchange of information by creating a dialogue between art related organizations.

We are building a practice, that is engaging people in educationally enjoyable experiences from which they can take their own personal meaning. By engaging visitors/citizens in a communication process, where person is able to relate to his/her experiences, our city could become more attractive and more accessible.

Chaan-Daar 1

Yashwant Nagar, Yerwada, CSR Partner Panchshill Foundation
With visual clues taken from traditional and vernacular elements of design, the streets are brought into coherence in this settlement, and facades of entire houses are converted into large canvases.

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Chaan-Daar 2

Jahangir Nagar, Hadapsar, CSR Partner Principal Global
Working along the lines of Chaan-Daar I, Chaan-Daar II is based in Jahangir Nagar. The settlement itself has a strong community, each house is an entity in itself. Here, a harmonious streetscape is achieved by framing the doors and window frames with vertical and horizontal bands.

The education galli, where the artwork was done to create an educative space for the kids. They were an inspiration for the walls leading to the basti, where one can see the kids playing with tyres on the wall; in another lane, taking visual clues from modern iconography, Legos and Pacman have been used as art inculcation in the minds of the residents. This project has thus given new identity and created a new artistic address for each houses.

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Smart Heritage in Smart City

Smart Heritage in Smart City was the workshop by Pune Biennale Foundation, INTACH Heritage Academy, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, BV College of Architecture and Dr. B.N. College of Architectue held on the 28th – 30th August 2017.

Venue: Institute of Environment Education and Research

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Pune Speaking Walls (PSW)

Pune Speaking Walls is a collaboration between the Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Biennale Foundation, professional artists, art students and school children. This project aims to build a community of aesthetic citizens who are aware of the rich heritage and fascinating stories that this city has to narrate.

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Lighthouse Project (PSW)

Pune Biennale Foundation adds aesthetic value to a public building - Lighthouse, Pune with Nilesh Artist and his team.

More than 16000 sqft, 6 floors high, a humongous effort to convert an old bus depot building into a piece of art! That's what Pune Biennale Foundation does - literally lift and elevate public art.

Venue: PMPML Bus station, Hadapsar

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DP Road Project

As a part of In-City Aesthetic Interventions, Pune Biennale Foundation located artworks, which were created under Sculptures from Junk Project during PB 2017, on the DP road in June 2017. In a common understanding, we are all supposed to reduce, reuse and recycle, but for artists, reuse and recycle often have totally different meaning. Artists have been working to make recycled materials into sculptures, often incorporating mechanical elements.

Venue: DP Road, Aundh

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Aravani Art Project (PSW)

On the 19th – 21st of May, as part of the Pune Speaking Walls project artists from Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai along with the Aravani Art Project in collaboration with the Transgender community of Pune painted walls in a public space to raise awareness and create a place for a discourse, to break stereotyping and discrimination.

Venue: Budhwarpeth area

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Yerwada Mural: Song of the City (PSW)

Time is a river; unchallenged, unbroken, ever evolving and ever changing.

You do not step into a same river twice, they say. Civilisations flourish where there have been rivers. There has been a beautiful confluence of two water bodies; Mula and Mutha. And so, the story of our Pune begins.

Do not expect the story that has been popularly portrayed through time. The story is that of a city narrated by itself. It is a collection of the personal, intimate yet unobserved moments that fleet away everyday; lost and never to be found again.

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