Past Projects 2013


More than 30 sculptures were created out of the junk material by three teams and twenty artists that were displayed on the hill. Both metal and timber junk was made available by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) from its junkyards. Many of these sculptures are now gifted back to the PMC to install at various gardens in the city. Well-known artists including Raju Sutar, Bharati Pitre, Vaishali Oak, Vikram Kulkarni, Bhaskar Hande created excellent sculptures responding to the theme of the Biennale.


Pune's art has its own place in the city but the city needed a stronger exposure to the visual arts and that happened with MOHOR: Pune Biennale in January. To give public an extensive insight with the way art has evolved, there were exhibition at Ishanya (Tilting Art Gallery),Gole Road ( New Art Gallery), Aba Bagul Udyan (Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Art Gallery) and Balgandharav Art Gallery.


The 'Photography' segment of the Biennale was organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Photography (BVSP) under the guidance its director of Rajan Chaughule, an ace photographer himself and the Pune Photographic Society. Three exhibitions were organized with the aim of exposing people to the rich heritage of Pune , through two photo essays on Wadas and Tambat Ali.

Performing Arts

The 'Performing Arts' segment of Pune Biennale included musical performances and experimental programs.The major highlights of this segment were a combination of the traditional folk performing arts to the most modern art forms like intelligent dance, sand animation and water drop art.


The "Film"? segment was focused on screening of short-film selected through open competition and screening of some old documentaries and films on the hills of Pune. The idea was to encourage filmmakers to express themselves through the medium of short films and in any genre of film based on the subject, like fiction, non-fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, etc.


In the "Environment"? Segment several activities were planned at three selected hills to highlight various aspects of the environment including the floral and faunal richness and diversity on the hills.Vishwajeet Naik, birdwatcher, environmentalist photographer and naturalist gave a talk on Bird Nesting at Taljai on 12 th January. A bird watching session was also organized for the bird enthusiasts under the guidance of Charuhas Kolhatkar.


Design can be defined as an idea that gets translated into a 'function', whether it is a product, a graphic, an automobile, a building, a service or even a process. It is part and parcel of our everyday life right from the toothbrush we use , the chair we sit on, the packaging of food or using our phones to the designing of our environments , online services , branding, creating business cultures or even the systems that are set up to make our life easier. Design is everywhere.


The Architecture stream in Pune Biennale is woven around the theme of 'Envisioning Hills as Public Spaces'? and was guided by architects Narendra Dengle and Christopher Benninger. There were three important section: Tekdi Alekan, Design Ideas for Development of Hills, and open dialogue titled as 'Envisioning Hills as Public Spaces'.