Prakriti By Sujata Dharap

The mural is called PRAKRITI the duality Sujata sees in nature, it's ever changing ephemeral quality, where change is the only constant and it's consistent constant cycles of seasons that have been expressed in this image. This balance in nature, it's beauty and the power to coexist is intriguing for me and it's that truth that she tries to seek. 

The wall was created under the Guidance of Artist Sujata Dharap with 10 of her art students, along with 12 of Bharati School students between the age group 13-15.

Name of wall:Bharati School Balewadi Wall

Name of artist/s:Sujata Dharap

No. of participants: 22 students

Painted length of wall: 335 ft

Height: 7.8 ft

Total area: 2613 sq ft.