Pune Biennale Foundation

Pune Biennale Foundation is a Non-Government Not-for-Profit organization that works for bringing together art, architecture and design for enhancing visual aesthetics in public spaces. The Foundation aims to contribute in making a name for Pune on the global scenario while providing opportunities for creating a platform for artists to critically engage with public art and public spaces besides promoting local talent.

Pune Biennale Foundation has Pune Biennale as its flagship activity – so far three editions of Pune Biennalle have taken place; in 2013, 2015 and 2017 themed around “Celebrating Hills”, “Heritage- yours and mine”; and “Identity and Self”. The most recent one in 2017 was curated by Zasha Colah and Luca Cerizza. It explored various modes of cohabitation and social habits to host a reflection on the potentialities, repercussions and consequences of such a movement of people, and of the process of modernisation and urban development.

Pune Biennale Foundation has been working on several public art and public spaces related projects including the Chaan-daar project of placemaking in slum settlements; Pune Speaking Walls; Pedestrianisation project at DP Road, Aundh; Smart Heritage in Smart City etc

The Foundation has developed strong linkages with the local government agencies such as the Pune Municipal Corporation and NGOs that are eager to create change. The main objectives of the foundation are:

  • to provide an open platform for professionals related to art, design, architecture, and other cultural activities to exchange ideas regarding cultural development of the city,
  • to establish contact between art related organizations and facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and expertise within a global network of similar organizations,
  • to develop and implement the highest standards of art and cultural production,
  • to support interdisciplinary research and production of knowledge related to contemporary art and exhibitions around the world, and
  • to diffuse knowledge and promote public awareness of different forms of art and celebrating their diversity

The Foundation is led by a very versatile group of Directors and relies on a diverse group of Advisors for its activities.