Shinde School, Taljai

Name of wall :Shinde School, Taljai

Name of Artist : Ganesh Pokharkar

No. of participants : 10 students and open to the community

Painted Length of wall : 1074.6ft

Height : 7.6ft

Total Area : 8167sq ft.

Ganesh specializes in city scapes in Oil colors and prefers large canvases. His keen observations on how the city has changed is represented in the art work he is currently doing on the wall of the Shinde School, Taljai Pune. Along with the stark comparison of heritage Pune and contemporary Pune, the wall will highlight few prominent structures e.g. Mandai, University, Lal baug etc. which has also witnessed these changes through time. Through this artwork, he wants to explore the deeply ingrained images, feelings and thoughts that everyone feels with the old and the ever changing architecture around them.

About Ganesh Pokharkar: BFA from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts, Pune, India. Ganesh has won several awards being a student and professionally. He won the 1st place in 2010 Pune Festival for his paintings.

Harshvardhan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist travelling across the country and making large scale artworks. His works have mythology deeply embedded with a contemporary voice which gave birth to a unique style. Inkbrushnme, his studio has handled projects varying from Art Direction for animation and live action films, award winning graphic novels to visuals for international bands. In January 2017, he painted India's largest artwork at the historical Yerwada prison wall in Pune.