Young Expressions: Student Projects

Young Expressions, is a platform to bring together artistic initiatives from art schools across the country. Pune Biennale invites students of various Indian art schools to share their Young Expressions by engaging in a dialogue, and thereby develop an unusual genesis of contemporary Indian art. The medium will, naturally, be the student’s own artworks, exploring the theme -"IDENTITY & SELF". This artistic initiative from young minds, will pave the way for a genuine exchange of art as well as the thought process behind it's creations. The students will work individually or collaborate with peers to create art in a neutral space.

By unveiling their unique thought-processes, participants will have the exposure and opportunity to connect with the work of other talented and budding artists from India such as the Shantiniketan school of Kolkata, JJ School of Mumbai, MSU school of Baroda. Pune’s art institutions like BharatiVidyapeeth and Abhinav will also add a local flavour by engaging in this artistic discourse. From concept to realisation, this initiative will the forum for the students to explore the various substrata of the theme from religion, nationality, gender etc. vis a vistheir own status in a world of changing moralities.The Pune Biennale Foundation will invite a maximum of 5 installations per school. This platform will also host talks by renowned artists about their art practice (are we doing these talks by other artists?) for the participants.

Through this participatory project, our city will thus get an opportunity to hear the voice of our country’s young and creative minds. The serene ambience of TheMonalisaKalagram offers an apt space for such an open exchange. This project is perfectly aligned with the vision of TheMonalisaKalagram, which is an art centre/gallery that aims to promote art and create a community of artists, painters, poets, writers, creative thinkers.

Come, join us in this festival of exchange and interconnectionsof the youth!


Project Director

Inclusive Art In Pune | Disabled Artists | Pune Biennale 2017

Kisalay Vora

Inclusive Art In Pune | Disabled Artists | Pune Biennale 2017

Zen vartan


Inclusive Art In Pune | Disabled Artists | Pune Biennale 2017

Vrushaket Salaskar


The Monalisa Kalagram is an art centre that aims to promote art and create a community of artists, painters, poets, writers, creative thinkers. From organizing art exhibitions, workshops as also hosting talks, performances and the book launch of artist Sujata Bajaj’s magnum opus “Ganapati”, the Monalisa Kalagram ventures at multiple levels to unveil the manifold manifestations of art.

The expanses of open spaces, a small open air stage, a gallery as well as a hall for an art gathering, make the Monalisa Kalagram an apt place to open up your imagination and encounter a true exchange of ideas.

Timings - open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Born on 1st May 1984, Vrushaket did his Bachelors in Painting from College of Fine Arts Bharti Vidyapeeth Pune in 2008. Vrushaket has since participated in several exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad among other cities. He has been a part of group shows at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New delhi, Singapore etc. and has been Selected for Artists Residencies in Baroda, Delhi etc. Vrushaket also has several Awards to his credit, including Bombay art Society Best Painting, Prafulla Dahanukar Silver Medal for Installation etc. Vrushaket lives and works in Pune.

Vartan has been painting for the last 25 years, focusing more on abstract art. He has been working with such mediums as rice paper on canvas, as it gives great effect on the texture. Over the years he made a move from brighter to lighter colors, from gross to subtle aspects of paintings. His art is a reflection above the systems and cycles that are fundamental to our lives. The patterns he usually uses are the reflection of his perception of his own life as well as human behavior. These patterns are often used upon simple geometric forms and structures.

Kisalay Vora is a fine artist based out of Mumbai. An alumni of Sir J J School of Art, he has previously worked in the fields of Advertising and Visual Merchandising. As a fine artist, he uses mixed media to express himself and generally works on two series at any given time - Introspective and Reflective. Shakti - or feminine energy - is a recurring subject that he expresses through his art. When not in his studio painting, you will usually find him experimenting on new dishes in his kitchen!